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Fisip Unpas
In connection with the problems faced by both craftsmen, then these issues are identified
based on priority issues. Priority issues to be addressed with regard to equipment and
online marketing are used to improve business productivity. It also gives an understanding
to both partners to do the bookkeeping. Another thing with the increasing amount of
equipment diharafkan business productivity increase and no longer use the services of
others. In addition to marketing on line can be increased and targeted market areas can be
expanded again to several regions in Indonesia. ,
To achieve these objectives, the method used to help craftsmen are using training and
mentoring. The training will be delivered to the craftsmen are related to marketing on line
where the resulting product target market region more broadly. It also will provide training
and financial assistance related to expected craftsmen able to manage your finances well
and were able to separate the family finances with business finances. Once the training is
done followed by mentoring. Assistance will continue to be implemented in accordance
with a predetermined time. Expected craftsmen capable of doing their own online
marketing. Once able to do your own online marketing partners are expected to be able to
increase its target market. In addition to training and assistance given to both partners are
in the form of machine tools, manufacturing and cataloging Web Site
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